AFCRA Grant Request Requirements

As a Board of Directors initiative, AFCRA will make available funds to be used for grants and donations to nonprofits that align with the goal of creating a better recreational experience for all Atlanta and Fulton County citizens. AFCRA accepts nonprofit grant applications from October 1st through December 31st each year.

The grant requests will be reviewed during the months of January and February. Decisions and granting of funds will occur in the month of March.

To be considered for funding, each online submission shall include a Request for Grant and Proposal (“RFGP”) document.

The RFGP shall be submitted no later than December 31 st and should follow the outline below:

I. Organization’s name, address, phone number and name of the primary contact person for this proposal.

II. Dollar amount of the grant request.

III. Describe who the target audience is, or who will benefit from the grant? List the community, ages, gender, etc.

IV. Date of the event if applicable.

V. How will the funds be used? What is the total funding need for this initiative, program or event? If 100% of the project is not funded by AFCRA, how will the remaining portion of it be funded?

VI. Describe the event, initiative, program and how it will make the delivery of recreational programs better in Atlanta or Fulton County.

VII. How long has this event, initiative or program been in existence?

VIII. Describe the experience you or someone on your staff has in delivering such a program?

IX. Provide estimates or quotes for the services or products being purchased with requested funds. If you cannot provide today, can you provide such documents prior to grant funding? Estimates or quotes should be from the vendor performing the work or delivering the service.

Please submit the (“RFGP”) via PDF to Vivienne Kerr at

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