Building Communities through Sports and Recreation

Kellye Terrell

Kellye Terrell is a Human Resources professional with over 20 years of invaluable experience providing HR leadership in transportation, airline, corporate, and city government industries. She is well versed in fostering a healthy organization through implementing applicable policies and procedures, ensuring adherence to employment law, promoting leadership development, effective talent acquisition, DEI, and talent mobility practices while maintaining a pulse on the employee experience. She is the Executive HR Director at Georgia Institute of Technology, leading the HR Business Partners and Student Employment strategy. Kellye is passionate about her role and understands HR’s importance to an organization’s success. She challenges the status quo and looks for ways to improve People initiatives and processes that increase Employee performance and engagement while positively impacting the organization’s bottom line. Kellye established a grassroots organization called AIYM – The Atlanta Initiative for Young Men – due to a desire to improve the future outlook of young men age 15 – 24 in the Atlanta community. The grassroots organization is committed to securing a successful future for young men by inspiring self-respect through the realization of their greatest talents and the identification of their true purpose. Kellye is also the owner of Candlelight Inspiration, a candle and candle accessory company. Kellye is a native of Atlanta and married with two children. She holds a BS degree in English with a minor in Legal Studies from Georgia State University. Kellye is anchored in her faith and serves others and her community to make a difference. She has served on the Atlanta Commission on Women with the City of Atlanta and as a volunteer for Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie’s Selah Leadership Encounters. Kellye also delivers meals on Saturdays with her family for Meals on Wheels Atlanta. Her love of adventure takes her to travels near and far, with Italy as a favorite. She spends her time catching up with family and friends and enjoying fun times with unforgettable karaoke nights.

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